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Natural Living Products

I love using and creating natural health care solutions at home for my family. My micro-company started with HandSpring Hand Sanitizer, which was born out of a desire to shield my kids from play gym and public space germs in a natural and safe way. While in various locations with my kids, other moms saw and smelled what I was using on my kids and kept asking about it. So I began sharing and making my hand sanitizer for others. Soon my company was born! More products include Minty Mist Mouth Spray and Sweet Shield Skin Elixir.

And, though a bit odd for our society at this time, another natural living product we sell is traditional Chinese style open seat baby/toddler pants, meant to work with elimination communication (EC) methods for early potty training. It’s amazing but true that even babies don’t want to soil themselves. They actually give cues when they need to go! Learning these cues and responding to them is the heart of EC. Look up this style of living on the web!

Production Methods

All our products are geared toward natural and healthy living. Health and body care products are hand-made in small batches, contain only certified organic ingredients and are chemical free.

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Chari – Founder